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Workers Compensation Attorneys in Chicago

Getting hurt on the job can have consequences far beyond physical pain. Some injured employees have to take extended absences from work. Others may find themselves unable to return to their position and may have to take a job that pays less than they were making prior to their injury. Fortunately, laws exist that protect workers who are hurt on the job. These laws ensure that employees receive proper medical care from a doctor of their choice and that they do not suffer devastating financial loss after an accident or injury. If you were involved in an incident at work that resulted in bodily harm, it’s best to contact a Chicago workers compensation lawyer in order to ensure that your case ends in the best possible outcome for yourself and your family.

Advocating for Chicago’s Workers

Have you been hurt on the job? Even if you were harmed during an accident that wasn’t your employer’s fault, you are still entitled to benefits according to The Workers’ Compensation Act. Employees who have sustained injuries at work need legal representation from an aggressive workers compensation attorney. At Freeman Tutaj, we are dedicated to providing professional advocacy to Chicago area workers. It is our mission to recover the maximum compensation possible for:

  • Medical care
  • Wages during the recovery period
  • Settlements for permanent injuries
  • Job retraining
  • Wage differential (if you have to return to a lesser-paying job as a result of your injury)

Ensure Physical and Financial Recovery

Employees who are injured at work need expert legal representation from a workers compensation attorney who has their best interests at heart. At Freeman Tutaj, we will make your workers compensation case our top priority and help you recover from your work-related injury, both physically and financially.

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